2019 Booking Schedule

The 2019 Charter Season Calendar is now finished and posted. You can see the available dates by visiting the menu page, “Book the Yacht” and then choose the desired location to see the available dates. I am trying something new this year by offering 3 different locations for different dates. We will be in San Carlos for the Spring until May 24th. Then we will be doing Charters in Cabo San Lucas from June 10th to July 26th and then La Paz from August 5th to September 13th. We will then be returning to do carters in the San Carlos October, November and December. I hope to return to Cabo San Lucas for January, February and March 2020.

Looking into the future, we are planing to begin a worldwide circumnavigation beginning in November 2020. We will be offering charters in exotic locations while we travel to cover the expenses and hope to offer affordable sailing charters in locations that are normally much more expensive. I invite you to sign up to our “Get new posts by email” found on each website page located in the right column to keep track of our schedule, news, voyages and other experiences.

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