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You will need a Passport issued by your country of origin to enter Mexico. If you do not currently have one, a government issued Passport can take months to obtain so plan well in advance. Allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive your Passport or you may pay an expedited fee to receive it in 2 to 3 weeks.

The website below is for U.S.A. Residents. Please consult your countries government for information.

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Estados Unidos Mexicanos

The Country of Mexico requires all non-residents to obtain a maximum 6 month Tourist Visa while visiting Mexico. If you fly to a location in Mexico then the airport will include this with your airfare and issue it upon arriving at your destination airport.

If you are driving to Mexico, you can visit the below website for more information and complete your FMM Visa Form.

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Due to Mexico’s Laws, in order to have fishing equipment on the boat, every passenger must purchase a fishing license even if not fishing. Your group may decide not to fish to avoid buying a license. A license can be purchased online and printed. The daily rate is currently $11.91 and weekly is $23.36. Everyone boarding will need to present their fishing license to the Captain in order to have fishing gear on the boat.

For more information or to purchase the license visit the website below.

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